"Our clients
see value in
what we do."

Who We Are

Every Time, A service you can Trust.

Victoria Gentle Living Services is a local residential & commercial cleaning company operating in Victoria, BC, since 2007.

Our Mission at Victoria Gentle Living Services is to create and maintain healthy living and working spaces by providing reliable, consistent, green and affordable cleaning solutions for residents, business owners, managers, and project managers in Victoria, BC.

We see customers as people first. We apply this people-first approach to all what we do; it is at the heart of creating a clean and healthy eco-friendly business practice with great results.

Top 10 Reasons People in Victoria, BC Choose Victoria Gentle Living Services

  1. Reliable and consistent
  2. Highly competitive rates
  3. Takes pride in customer service
  4. Service programs are carried out by insured & screened employees
  5. Owner managed and operated
  6. Uses Green Seal approved products
  7. Has established standard cleaning procedures
  8. Learns your needs quickly
  9. Provides proper equipment, supplies, and qualified personnel
  10. Recognize and respect the rights of customers
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